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Have you ever been told something like, "It's all in your head," or gotten one of those looks of disbelief, knowing that's what they were thinking? Told, "there is no medical evidence for that"? Thought, "I must just be getting old." Been diagnosed with some kind of idiopathic whatchamacallit after experiencing a few dozen perplexing symptoms? Well, here are a few of the world renowned experts on the subject of Chronic Disease. With links to and information from the thousands of medical studies that have been done. If you need to educate yourself and/or your doctor, or you are yet another doctor scratching his head thinking, "they didn't say anything about this in medical school." Here are some of the raw materials you need.
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Dr. Garth Nicolson - video
Chronic Diseases: Who's killing us, and how?
Deadly Vaccines

Archived broadcasts of  Dr. Garth Nicolson -
on Dr. Stan's Radio Liberty -
4:00 PM: Dr. Garth Nicolson - Government Plague.
rl04-10-06a.rm  or  rl04-10-06a.mp3
4:00 PM: Dr. Garth Nicolson - Project Day Lily.
rl04-13-06b.rm  or  rl04-13-06b.mp3
8:00 PM: Dr. Garth Nicolson - Project Day Lily.
9:00 PM: Daniel Sheehy - Immigration Issues.
8:00 PM: Dr. Garth Nicolson - Project Day Lily.
9:00 PM: Farrah Khalil - Converted to the Moslem Faith then to Christianity.
4:00 PM: Dr. Garth Nicolson - Metabolic Disease
9:00 PM: Garth Nicolson - Metabolic Disease

Dr. Paul Cheney
Has been treating CFS/CFIDS/ME patients for 20 years

CFS and Diastolic Cardiomyopathy - Three hour video
CFS Compensates for Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy. Tilt table testing for CFS/CFIDS/ME
"Now, do CFIDS patients prefer to stand up or lie down? Of course, they prefer to lie down. Do you know why? Do you know what your cardiac output does when you stand up? It drops 30%. In all humans, without exception. So very critical to this technology is that it's the only one that could be done upright [again, four positions on the tilt table are best; standing up and laying down at a minimum]. And what they found is absolutely astonishing, truly astonishing. When [disabled CFIDS patients] stand up, [they're] on the edge of organ failure due to low cardiac output."
Text excerpts converted into audio - The Heart of The Matter   35:50 minutes
The Heart of the Matter: CFS & Cardiac Issues Part 1a -
Dr. Paul Cheney as reported by Carol Sieverling
Comprehensive listing of information from Dr. Paul Cheney
Order his 2 DVD video set for $15

Dr. A. Martin Lerner

U.S. Patent issued to Dr. Lerner on June 4, 2002, for a  "Method for Diagnosing and alleviating the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome."    [PDF Format]

Canadian Consensus Documents for ME/CFS and FMS

ShortList of Tests from the Canadian Consensus Document for M.E./CFS
Overviews of the Canadian Consensus Documents for ME/CFS and FMS

Lyme Disease + Atypical Variants & Co-infections
Lyme is a Biowarfare Issue  - A BRIEF HISTORY BY ELENA COOK
text converted to electronic speech as a 29:07 minute MP3 audio file
New ideas about the cause, spread and therapy of Lyme Disease
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients,  July, 2004  by James Howenstine
Advanced Topics In Lyme Disease: Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines For Lyme and Other  Tick Borne Illnesses, Fifteenth Edition Copyright September, 2005   Joseph J. Burrascano Jr., M.D. burrascano_0905.pdf
text converted to electronic speech as a 2 hour & 26 minute MP3 audio file
FTR #585 Update on Biological Warfare and Lyme Disease
David Emory 1 hour REAL AUDIO Recorded February 11, 2007


FTR #644 Interview with Ed Haslam About Dr. Mary’s Monkey
1 hour REAL AUDIO Posted September 16, 2008 by David Emory

Reasons for Judicial Review of the NICE Guideline - Margaret Williams
CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) cannot improve ME/CFS
Evidence of cardiovascular problems in ME/CFS - Margaret Williams  4th August 2008
text converted to electronic speech available as a 2 hour & 50 minute MP3 audio file at

Don Scott
AIDS & MYCOPLASMA: The crime beyond belief

A Hummingbirds

Profits Before Patients? - Eileen Marshall and Margaret Williams, 15th April 2005

Dr.  Sarah  Myhill
Has been treating CFS/CFIDS/ME patients for 20 years

Diagnosing And Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Real Media Audio format - Download player here,020305postdl


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